Secure cloud storage for education professionals

Don’t be left behind as technology transforms the entire education system. Secure your data, save on management costs, and boost your results.

What is secure cloud storage for education?

Education professionals handle an overwhelming amount of sensitive data every day. So how can schools, colleges, and universities make sure that student data is always handled with care? One of the ways to protect it is by using a secure cloud for education. This way, cybersecurity is implemented broadly and is accessible to all across the system.

Reduce teaching costs

The cloud has many benefits for education institutions, but one that will likely stand out among the rest is savings. Teachers tend to go above and beyond for their students, often at their own expense. Cloud technologies can help circumvent those massive costs.

Protect education data from the kindergarten to the university

Strong end-to-end encryption is the only way to protect student data sufficiently. The cloud also enables account protection and strict access control that help you keep your students safe in any circumstance.

Improve productivity

Cloud technologies empower educators to expand their teaching horizons, break through the limits of a traditional class, and find better ways to engage with their students. Save time and boost your results without compromising data security.

Protect the integrity of your institution

When companies suffer data breaches, the news and opinions of the incident haunt the internet forever. That’s why the best way to protect your reputation is to take preemptive action — like storing your data on an end-to-end encrypted cloud.

Ensure compliance with FERPA

You may be obliged to comply with FERPA or any other privacy law in your country. Take a step towards compliance by moving to a secure cloud that hands over the power to manage your data to you.

Help the educators

Managing classes of dozens of children and adolescents is draining, so cybersecurity should not be piled on the education professionals. Modern technologies can alleviate their cognitive burden and help embed cybersecurity processes without additional strain on the teachers.

Why educators should introduce a secure cloud to their classes

Education is an industry with a thousand moving parts, from preschoolers to government regulations. But the new-age problem is that education is often attacked for its data. In fact, the education sector is among the top five industries targeted by ransomware. On a secure cloud, you enable everyone to meet, work, and share without having to worry about cyber threats.

education access control

Control access to your resources

Educators share troves of materials with their students, not to mention that 61% of education professionals handle confidential data at work. On a secure cloud, you can save on costs and have all the tools to control who and when can access the files you share. At the same time, you can be sure which files are shared with you.

education business future

Prepare your business for the future

Depending on your institution, you may be subject to various privacy laws. Since around 59% of employees in the education sector haven’t had cybersecurity training arranged by their current employer, following changes in the privacy laws may be difficult. But compliance with any privacy law is easier with an end-to-end encrypted cloud.

education ransomware

Protect data from ransomware

Research has revealed that many education professionals (around 21%) don’t use cybersecurity tools at all. But cyberattacks should not be a concern for teachers and professors. Instead, using a secure cloud can help back up, store and share sensitive data across the cloud, hundreds of devices, and apps.

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Why secure business data on NordLocker Cloud

Educators face enough challenges already. Cybersecurity shouldn’t be one of them. That’s why NordLocker was built with simplicity and security in mind. It’s a single platform that boosts productivity and collaboration, helps share sensitive data securely, backs up your files, and offers many ways to adapt it to your needs.

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