Discover an end-to-end encrypted cloud for healthcare

Encrypted cloud for healthcare protects your data, reduces the cognitive load of your staff, and boosts the confidence of your patients.

What is a secure cloud for healthcare institutions?

People are taking their health seriously like never before. But servers jam-packed with sensitive health data are often targeted in cyberattacks. There’s no need to rely on healthcare professionals to care about cybersecurity in high-stakes situations. A secure cloud can help protect PII and improve the workflows among everyone involved.

Boost patient confidence

Secure cloud is built on zero-knowledge architecture, boosting people’s trust in your institution.

Protect healthcare data

Maintaining high security standards is easy because on a secure cloud, data is encrypted at all times.

Improve team productivity

Modern cloud services protect your privacy without getting in your way. They can even increase productivity when looking up information or sharing sensitive files.

Protect integrity of your organization

While data leaks happen for a variety of reasons, the healthcare provider often gets the blame when something goes awry. A secure cloud protects your data and the reputation of your organization.

Ensure compliance

Data privacy laws may be complex, but they all focus on one thing – data security. Storing data on an end-to-end encrypted cloud helps you reach and maintain compliance with HIPAA and similar privacy regulations.

Reduce the cognitive burden

Your staff has plenty on their minds already. Using privacy-first measures helps clinicians and administrators focus on patient care.

Why use a secure cloud for healthcare data

While taking care of patients’ well-being is crucial, managing their data cannot be overlooked. We understand that in high-stakes moments, cybersecurity can slip into the background. That’s why we’ve built NordLocker – a secure cloud that doesn’t get in your way. It can help health providers of all sizes boost their data security standards, control access to data, and increase productivity.

healthcare data ownership

Ensure data ownership and its smooth management

Our research shows that around 17% of employees in the healthcare sector don’t use any cybersecurity tools at work. This means that, to keep your data safe, security measures should be embedded into the daily processes and not require special skills.

healthcare business future

Future-proof your business

Ever-changing laws and regulations can make following them difficult. At the same time, you can miss something and, as a result, lose revenue and damage your reputation significantly. And missing something is easy when over 56% of employees in healthcare haven’t had cybersecurity training arranged by their current employer. But a secure cloud can help mitigate these dangers and ensure that data stays protected at all times.

healthcare data security

Data security

The vast majority of healthcare professionals (76%) handle confidential data at work. It’s impossible to overlook every file opened, downloaded, or shared. However, on an end-to-end encrypted cloud, you can easily manage access to the data your staff can open. So data management is easier regardless of your device, workflows, or the size of your institution.

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NordLocker helps you protect your healthcare data

The healthcare sector is often characterized as overworked and understaffed. These professionals face life and death situations every day, so it’s only natural that cybersecurity is the last thing on their minds. That’s what NordLocker is for. You can safeguard your patient data easily and without high costs. NordLocker Cloud storage integrates into your daily work and helps you stay productive.

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